Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Facts are no longer the data of our calculations, but rather a lexicon of users' practices - Michel De Certeau

The FPI Project's 'Going Back To My Roots' is an unbridled piece of house music's joyous history, brought to the world courtesy of Discomagic Records, an Italo Disco heavyweight. What is potentially less known in some circles is that it is actually a cover of a disco track by 'Odyssey,' (of 'Native New Yorker' fame), which was a UK no.4. And so here we have yet another perfect synthesis of Italians and Disco in a bid that proves the creative worth of a reinterpretation of cultural artefacts, and somehow links Virgin Islands born sister's with Italian Riviera machismo. However, the 'Oydssey' track was actually a cover version of the Detroit native Lamont Dozier's original from 1977. A song reborn three times, and a testament to active consumption and the formation of folk music, as a song acquires an autonomy of its own.

The Odyssey track from German TV is shown below. The FPI Project re-version can be acquired below that..Cultural progression in action...

FPI Project - Going Back To My Roots


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