Thursday, November 30, 2006

Vincent Vincent (Gallo) and The Villains

A link, here, to the notorious auto-interview Vincent Gallo conducted with himself in 1997. Penned for The Beastie Boys' magazine, Grand Royal, (which folded in 2001) it was subsequently pulled for containing too many libellous comments about everyone he has ever worked with, or known, or simply heard about. An excerpt, as an example;

"DJ Spooky, New York DJ extraordinaire, never DJs without a copy of the Bohack LP (Bohack was one of Gallo's legendary bands during the '80s). Spooky has said that Gallo's music says it all. Spooky went on to say, 'Vincent was actually a friend of Jean-Michel Basquiat. Jean would have hated me. Good thing he's dead so I can pretend to be him. And nobody knows the difference.' " Etc.

(Thanks Rob)


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