Sunday, January 28, 2007

Advertise on Earth

Web 2.0 unleashes itself on the physical world. As the earth┬┤s cartography is re-organized according to Google, it still seems to be behaving as a benevolent dictator as it advertises the Google Maps┬┤planes flight paths so the public can participate in the updating of the maps; leading as of yet, to Space Invaders and Spam graffitied upon the globe.

Update: A more puerile example.


Blogger zillakiller said...

The penis scrawl is surely one of the most enlightened sub-genres known to man. In the words of Philip Larkin: "Huge tits and a fissured crotch/
Were scored well in, and the space/
Between her legs held scrawls/
That set her fairly astride/
A tuberous cock and balls"

9:53 AM  
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Blogger D said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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